House Rules

“For just as through the disobedience of the one man the many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one man the many will be made righteous.” (Romans 5:19)

MY PLACE Residence Hall serves as a second home for residents who are primarily college students studying in the area and living away from their families. With the help of the officers and entire staff of MY PLACE the residents are expected to establish, maintain and enhance living conditions contributive to their personal maturity and healthy interrelations with others.

It goes without saying that the resident is expected to exemplify self-discipline, responsibility and maturity with regard to:

  1. his/ her roommate/s,
  2. MY PLACE officers and staff, and
  3. MY PLACE property and facilities

Curfew hours
Curfew hours are set for the safety and general welfare of residents as well as for the peace of mind of parents.

Curfew hour: 12:00 MN

At curfew time, residents are expected to be in the building premises.

In cases that residents have to stay beyond curfew hours, will not spend the night at MY PLACE, or have to go home during weekends, they have to log in at the Curfew/Sleep-out logbook located at the Front Desk.

Visitation Hours and Off-Limits Rule
Guests and visitors are not allowed to proceed beyond ground floor level to ensure that the rooms remain private areas for study and rest for all residents. Only immediate family members are allowed to enter the rooms.

Visitation hours : 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

Residents are expected to dress appropriately and decently when inside the building premises. Public display of intimate affection is strictly prohibited.

Smoking and Drugs
Smoking is not allowed within the premises. The rooms are equipped with sensitive smoke detectors and alarms.

Major Acts of Misconduct
Possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs and narcotics and drug paraphernalia within the premises; drinking/ bringing in of alcohol beverages; unauthorized possession of a dangerous weapon or material of any type of description, including firearms, air guns, illegal knives, explosive devices, flammable materials in any form of incendiary devices, fireworks, ammunitions or any other dangerous ordinance with the dorm premise may result in termination of the contract and expulsion from MY PLACE.

Appliances / Cooking
Residents are prohibited from cooking inside the rooms. Declare and register your appliances. The form shall be presented when the appliances are brought out of the building.

RFID Cards
Take care of your RFID Cards. Lost cards may be replaced for a fee. Borrowing/ lending RFID Cards to others for them to have building access is strictly prohibited.

Power and Water Meters
Each room is provided with sub meters to monitor each room’s monthly consumptions. Be prudent in your use of power and water. You will be billed for your consumption every end of the month. The attendance is taken into consideration in the computation of utility bills.

Cleanliness and Sanitation
Chambermaids/ Room Attendants are assigned to clean the rooms every week. Garbage is collected daily. It is however, expected that tenants shall maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of his/ her workstation.

"The staff did its job very well, and I would recommend this to anyone thinking of putting their kids in a condo near the universities in the Quezon City area."


"There's nothing much that I can say. It's really the best. One thing's for sure — I will miss My Place and the people there. Do check it out as it is very satisfying. Best dormitory for college students."


"I love it here. The people are so nice, and it feels really safe. Plus, there are many restaurants around it, and the laundry shops are right in front of the building."


"I spent four years in My Place, and I must commend the staff for their continuous efforts to improve their services since I became a tenant. I can testify to all the changes that happened and how they respond to unforeseen situations."


"When we were looking for a students' dormitory or residence hall for our daughter near Ateneo, we discovered My Place located along F.B. Dela Rosa Street. Our major considerations then were location, safety, and security. What we got from My Place was even more."


My Place Residence Hall

22 Fabian de la Rosa St.
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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